tonight i read a poem that i wrote a few months ago that i wasn’t planning on ever reading aloud and i don’t think people liked it, but it felt good to read it. 


me trying to participate in sports



should I open the door

you should open the door


my phone just screamed out “CANNOT GET GPS SIGNAL” and i wasn’t even using it wtf

Ellen Pompeo on her 4 and a half year old daughter, Stella (x)

wait that whole video is so much better than that gif

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"Adam didn’t pull his weight as a mover and my gosh…Crosby, he injured himself being a schmuck. So, I guess by default you win the best mover prize."

this moment was so emotional

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spring was made for afternoon naps.

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ugh this perfect human


ugh this perfect human

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Happy Transgender Day of Visibility!

lavernecox <3

I read this is Kayla r&#8217;s voice

I read this is Kayla r’s voice

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So excited and proud to start the new year sharing space with the Purpose office.. check out our awesome gender-neutral restroom signs.

Download your own here and spread the word!

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Yesterday my mother asked me where my words come from.
I told her I wasn’t sure,
and the wrinkle between us sunk deeper
into the living room.

She stared at me – you cannot be my child
until she gave up and looked away.

Today I am writing this poem about it.
She will never know that it exists.
She will never know that some of my words
came from her – her hollow eyes,
her unanswered questions,
her tentative love.